16th Century Painting

Stare into a Giuseppe Arcimboldo painting, and you'll find yourself gazing into a wormhole of bibelots and gimcrackery. Bits of household items mesh with teases of flora and fauna in strange yet eerily familiar configurations. Strange because of the pure randomness of the collaged pieces, familiar because the objects end up forming human faces. Where the optical illusion ends and the portrait begins is warped at every turn.pure randomness in 16th Century Artists Paintings

Abstracts without Title


Costume Concept : monster attacking from behind

Pre and Post Enlightenment



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1. miles away 2. tron 3. the bathtub song 4. loveland 5. the wedding 6. gold driver 7. keister sunday 8. beating hearts 9. 502 10. tanya 11. things could be worse 12